Save Cathedral Grove and British Columbia’s Endangered Old-Growth Forests

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Cathedral Grove, with its majestic 800 year old ancient Douglas-fir trees, is the most famous old-growth forest in Canada. It lies within a small park, MacMillan Provincial Park, at the base of Mount Horne. Millions of people from around the world visit this incredible grove every year on their way to the West Coast of Vancouver Island and the town of Tofino.

However, logging giant Island Timberlands has built a road in order to log a cutblock on the mountainside above Cathedral Grove. This will fragment the continuous forest cover on the slope above Cathedral Grove, including some of the last 1% of BC’s old-growth coastal Douglas-fir trees and a deer winter range; increase erosion and siltation into the park in the Cameron River; and ruin part of the Mount Horne Loop Trail that the cutblock overlaps.

See PHOTOS and a MAP of the flagged logging cutblock

See a recent news release

Island Timberlands is currently logging or intending to log endangered old-growth forests throughout the southern coast of BC, including McLaughlin Ridge, the Cameron Valley Firebreak, Labour Day Lake, Juniper Ridge, Cortes Island, Stillwater Bluffs, the Day Road Forest, Pearl Lake, and Kwakiutl lands near Port Hardy.

On BC’s southern coast, already 75% of the original ancient forest has been logged including over 90% of the valley bottoms where the largest trees grow – and 99% of the old-growth coastal Douglas-fir trees. See “before” and “after” old-growth maps at:

Old-growth forests are vital to sustain wildlife, endangered species, tourism, clean water, the climate, and many First Nations cultures.

SPEAK UP! We need Island Timberlands to BACK OFF and the BC Liberal government to protect the ecological integrity of Cathedral Grove and the province’s endangered old-growth forests!